Shorne Country Park

2006 - Full of time-teamees and very surprised dog owners. True to the Woodville way, several parts of the park came home with us. Oh yes, and Clare had lots of boils

2007 - Rain & sun, no boils, duffed up the Penguins of Piety, and Aubrey was definately NOT rude to anyone ever at all!!!!! Many thanks to Clare and Sue for all the pictures

2008 - Brill weather, Sara 65 (ish), duffed up each other this year. MLB appeared again (miraculously) and Jasper got poked in the danglies...all god fun! Thanks to Phil for videoing

2009 - Brill weather again, but not too many piccies.

2010 - same as ever, but Mr Dig was hard work and Jesus was on the table!!







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