Blore Heath

Blore Heath 1459, famous in the past for half the Lancastrians changing sides (with no help from DR), and today for having a brick toilet block

2004 - brilliant weather, 3 Woodvilles, all died, good fun

2005 - Brilliant weather (again). I'm afraid that it was so sunny that most of the pictures are crap as they were taken into the afternoon haze. I also spent ages cloning and morphing out loads of bloody red safety ropes.And we drove through four counties to get there!!Woodvilles out in force - all four of us (including Angie).......but we still made our presence known

2006 - Brilliant weather, one amazing thunderstorm, ten Woodvilles, one Herbert, and SteveArnold's legs...Excellent fun (the event, not Steve's, we won't go there)

2007 - Good weather - rained when packing down though. Brilliant evenings from what can be remembered. Girl with a Big Stick played with us (now to be known as Jake, as GWABS is too much to type each time), as did people from the Black Manche (possibly the Hastings') and Sandy and the tinnies. Glorious War Leader (temp) did OK except when he kept swanning off to die miserably by himself. Gob on a stick Simmons kept order when this happened. And at one point we had THREE ranks of troops to go in your heart out DR!!!!

2008 - Possible best weather of the year. Four battles - none of which went to script. Loads of fun as ever!! Not that many pictures. but Angie took loads of video which hopefully you can enjoy.

2009 - Brilliant weather (again), largest block on the field. Uphill Sat and downhill Sun - You should have been there DR. Thanks to Angie for pics and vids.

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