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Colchester Military Festival

Rain, wind, rain, and some sun on, rather fittingly, Sunday.

First of all apologies to Mr Ferrie for the bun jibes, and to Angie (one of the 4) for the references to the curse.

So, what happened? It pissed down, that's what. Grasseater, Ben and Mike all nearly lost it with miserable pubelics (yes I have spelt it right), a drunken squaddie stole a lorry (which could have killed loads of people), and drunken pirates nearly lynched the wrong man. Mutley was out on the prowl and first returned (late at night) with a love token flower (which she denies), and later a whole bush appeared outside her tent. We reckon it was Viv from the Oxfords, who always had a soft spot for "a bird wot can weave", but again this was denied.

And best of all, a return for Ray and family!!!