Detling Military Odyssey thingey

I was going to write something about awards two years in a row, beer tent pictures and the problems of taking photos in a small arena, and then I thought - bollocks, I do all the work on this picture site (yeah, OK so sometimes some other people give me some piccies as well), so I'm not going to. So, here are pictures from Detling from 2002 onwards, apart from 2004 'cos we didn't take any.

Thanks to Angie for all the photos

And for all members of the Dormer Gimp Legion, first of all, do try and join a proper re-enactment organisation at some stage, and secondly I'm trying to learn names but it's difficult when we mostly see you face down in the dirt. I know all that seems unfair, but then again, I really am a complete bastard (although sorry to John for the hard poke, and sorry to Jan for the whump on the head, and sorry to Sean for the log - well not really, that was seriously funny!!!).

2008 - Good fun whacking the Dormer Gimp Legion again. It's always fun to do open-ended bashes with people who have no ego to feed, and this year was no different. Good points, Ray was there. Bad points, so was Snott.

2009 - No Angie, so thanks to Paige for the pictures

2010 Shitty weather on Sunday, fun with EKHO and the soluble block.

2011 - Not vey many turned out, but a good bash, possibly the last at Detling!

Detling 2002 Thumbnails

Detling 2003 Thumbnails

Detling 2005 Thumbnails
Detling 2006 Thumbnails
Detling 2007 Thumbnails
Detling 2008 Thumbnails
Detling 2009 Thumbnails
Detling 2010 Thumbnails
Detling 2011 Thumbnails
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