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I can't remember a lot of any Tewkesbury. really, but that's not surprising. Here's an assortment of pictures from myself, Angie, James and a mate called Darren. bloody hot as always. Main memory is a whining Hussite outside the tent in 2005, but no piccies from that year. Captain Ploppy decided not to go in 2006 so definitely no pictures from then either.

2007, only Jasper and Heeney and Jake on the field, with Gemma and Ian arching. - I think little Pete was there hiding as well.. Brilliant weather. Captain Ploppy played the girlie card and didn't fight so there were more Woodvilles watching than playing. But really good fun on the field - as ever! Most of the pictures by Fleur, some by a mate who was there and some stolen. Sorry most of them are form the back

2008, Loads more people and a good bash. Stole (with permission) some pictures taken by one of the Poor Knights and Angie got some video which is interesting, but not brilliant due to the number of pubelics. Oh yes, congratulation to Snott and the Snott babe for passing their second year exams. I guess it means they'll be a burden on the tax payer for yet another bloody year