Warwick Castle

2003 was the one with the puppet show with the dead chickens, although unfortunately I've no pictures of that particular event.

2004 could have been the abortive fishing expedition with the Holy Brays, but I really don't know.

2005 was Full of Korean tourists and a huge flan flinger appeared on the isand

Not sure what went on in 2006 as we weren't there, but all looks fun and it was Angie's birthday (I thought she was older than 18)

January 2007, filming at the castle, cold, wet, windy and no hot food.....what can I say.....yeeeuck!

April 2009, 4 days - friday both weather and bash were rubbish, rest OK apart from the bloody peacocks


Warwick Castle 2003 Thumbnails Warwick Castle 2004 Thumbnails

Warwick Castle 2005 Thumbnails Warwick Castle 2006 Thumbnails

Warwick Castle 2007 Thumbnails Warwick Castle 2009 Thumbnails

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