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Hi all. Sorry to bore you with more reading. To avoid any confusion for the Woodvilles amongst you, I've graciously decided not to type in joined-up writing, and I'll do my best to diminish the necessity to utilize any conjoined or otherwise grammatically altered or enhanced words; tenses and pejoratives notwithstanding. I'll apologise in advance if there seems to be a soupcon of the interrogative in the ensuing textual matter.
Anyway, after putting the piccie of DR stiffing Will or whoever was being Richard that year I've come across a couple of others which I also think are excellent pictures - even though one of them's me. Now the one of DR and the one of me are from other sites, and although I have asked to use them I've had no replies, so I thought I'd stick them at the back of the site. Then I found the one of Jim through the tents at Detling, taken by Fleur I believe, and I thought,"By Jingo, that's a ripping pic too!!"

So, sod legislation, what I'm going to do is put these pictures as thumbnails on a page where you can see each one, just like the other pictures, so it allows for the number to be expanded (sorry, a big word slipped in there)

So if any one finds other rippingly brill piccies of us anywhere on the net, or simply thinks one of the existing ones is worthy of a place, let me know and I'll stick it up. Remember, if you don't do this for me, you'll end up with my choice of it's up to you