Bosworth Field

famous in 1485 for the defeat of Richard, renowned today for everybody being too busy getting rained on, getting sunstroke or hitting each other for anyone to bother taking any pictures

2004 piccies found on someone else's site, so thanks to Clive Hawkins

2005some of ours, some from other people

As for 2006, well, Buckinghams getting a bit iffey, Ian having knives thrown at him, Blackpoolees in a hotel and loads of mud.

2007 - didn't happen due to God peeing on the land 'cos we're all sinners

2008 - the word "Day-bark-call" springs to mind. Iffey pokes in the FOUR battles, all of which went off script to a greater or lesser extent. We managed to have fun, but the Fed needs to get its head out of its own bum.

2009/2010/2011 - I can't be bothered to type anything.

Bosworth 2004 Thumbnails
Bosworth 2005 Thumbnails
Bosworth 2006 Thumbnails
Bosworth 2008 Thumbnails
Bosworth 2009 Thumbnails
Bosworth 2010 Thumbnails
Bosworth 2011 Thumbnails
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