Simply tick one box for each event, type in any blurb you might feel is useful in the text box at the end of the list (like "Bosworth, only me and not wife"), and then click once on the submit button at the bottom. You should then see a summary of what you've sent, you can then close the window. Easy enough even for a Woodville.

Events with a bold red A in front of them allow animals - although in some cases their access is limited, such as not being allowed in formal gardens etc. But as long as the guidelines as per SYM are stuck to, shouldn't be any problems. Obviously those with NO in front of them do not allow animals

Please tick ONE box for each event. For "Don't know" use "Maybe" - and please make sure YOUR NAME is on it - cheers

Name (Marks and Angies and Barries and Jameses may need to use surnames as well!!)


  NO Yes No Maybe Leominster Pageant – 21st March


    A Yes No Maybe Whittington Castle – First May Bank - 9th, 10th (Sat/Sun)


    A Yes No Maybe Royal Welsh Spring Show– 16th and 17th May


 A Yes No Maybe Lullingstone Castle in Kent – Second May Bank (Sun/Mon 24th/25th May) set up Fri/Sat


A Yes No Maybe Tewkesbury - 11th/12th July


 A Yes No Maybe Bosworth- 22nd/23rd August (Fed Event)


    A Yes No Maybe Eastnor Castle – 30th/31st August (Aug Bank - Sun Mon)


 A Yes No Maybe Avoncroft 21st/22nd September probably (Beaufort event)



Please add any additional or useful information here.