Whitby 2007 Thumbnails

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Whitby Abbey

Famed originally as a great Abbey, then as a fishing port, then as the birthplace of Captain Cook, then as the egress point of Dracula, then for being bombarded by the German High Seas fleet in WW!, then by the Witches of Whitby, today it is known by re-enactors as having piss-awful weather and being bloody cold.

Such fun was had that the Woodvilles absquatulated a day early (good word eh?)

I've had to brighten up most piccies - taken by the lovely Angie - so don't be fooled. The Friday evening was lovely, the rest of the time it was, well, see for yourself.

May also add Grass-eater had an early bath, many tiny Conyers were hurt and Pete tried to get himself impaled on an awning pole.